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Club Boran Mare Beach

Sustainability policy

As Club Boran Mare Beach, we adopt a management approach in order to protect the environment and biological diversity we interact with without harming, to ensure cultural integrity, to meet the economic and social needs of the society in the region where we operate, and to continuously improve all these processes, while serving with a focus on guest satisfaction.

With this understanding, our main goal is to minimize the negative effects of all our activities on society and the environment, to contribute to the local economy, to the protection of natural and cultural heritage, to increase the quality of life of the people of the region and visitors, and to act in accordance with basic human rights.

We take all necessary measures to increase local employment, protect and enrich the ecosystem in the region where we operate, and share all our activities with our stakeholders.

We fully comply with legal processes in all our activities, and we take responsibility for the work we do within the framework of our corporate values of reliability, justice, transparency, respect and unity.

For a sustainable environment, we protect our environment, determine our effects on the environment, control negative effects, potential hazards and waste. We review and improve our activities for the effective use of natural resources, reduce energy and water use, take measures to combat Global Climate Change, reduce waste at its source, and make improvements to create economic value through reuse, recovery.

We always support the local manufacturer, as much as possible, we purchase from local suppliers. It is our priority to be local in the products purchased. We take great care that our suppliers have adopted environmental policies and fulfilled the legal requirements in this regard. We pay attention to the raw materials we buy that do not generate much waste and support recycling. We ensure that materials with energy consumption other than A-B class are not purchased as much as possible. Unless it is necessary, we try not to purchase products containing harmful gases.


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